Sunday, November 20, 2011


In the last Missing book, Katherine and Jonah are sent to 1611, alone. Time is unraveling. And it's up to them to save everything.

This book was my least favorite of the series. I did enjoy it, but it got a little too time travel-trouble-y for me. It was exciting but it got a little confusing at the end.


In the third Missing book, Jonah and Katherine are sent back in time with a new girl. Andrea is the first European child born in the Americas, Virginia Dare. Only this time there are complications. And time is in danger!! [I'm so vague today!]


The second book in the missing series, Sent is very much my favorite. It mixes science fiction, historical fiction, and time travel! Plus they travel to just about my favorite time in English history!!

At the end of Found, Jonah and his sister Katherine grab on to their friend Chip and are hurtled back in time to the 1400s. Chip and Alex, who was sent before Chip, are the missing Princes in the Tower. And it's up to these kids to fix time and save the day.


As ya'll know, I love Margaret Peterson Haddix, so when I saw the kids at school reading a new series by her, I clearly had to give it a go. Found is the first book in the Missing Series. It's crazy exciting and I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just say that I highly recommend it. Especially so you can read the next book: Sent.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Son of Neptune

In Riordan's thrilling sequel to "Lost Hero" the reader is reunited with a familiar hero, Percy Jackson, as well as the familiar Greek and Roman myths Riordan loves utilize and retell. Only this time, Percy has no clue who he is. His memory has been completely erased and he is stranded on the west coast fighting gorgons.

Percy is found, however, and taken to Camp Jupiter by Hazel and Frank, children of Roman Gods. Everyone at Camp Jupiter is a descendent of a Roman God and a member of this new Roman Legion. Percy is simultaneously called a son of Neptune and a Greek, which is a little confusing. So Percy almost fits in, almost belongs, but it's not quite right. And he keeps having weird dreams, memories almost.

After a thrilling "game" of war at camp, with Frank proving himself and being claimed a son of Mars the war god, it is decided to send Frank and Percy on a quest. Mostly because Mars says so.

The quest is in Alaska. Even getting there is an adventure. So read on for a fantastic tale of Roman demigods battling monsters. It's a fantastic read and they might even save the day!!