Thursday, July 26, 2012

So Yesterday

So there's this really hip dude, Hunter, and he's a cool hunter. He finds and 
sells new trends to his corporate sponsor. He goes to 'cool tastings', or product testings. 
He finds what's cool, before it's cool, and then the sponsors make it cool. Until Hunter
meets Jen, a real-life Innovator. And together they go on a crazy adventure which
begs the question: Is cool real or not real? Is it real because we make it real?
Because we think it's real? Or is cool really cool on its own? 

The whole time I was reading So Yesterday, it felt like I had read it before. But it felt super current, so that couldn't possibly be true. So I checked the publication date. 2004. Wow. Guess not too much has changed. And it's possible I've read it. I don't think I have, but whatever. I digress. Back to the book. It was okay. A little predictable. No engaging characters. And let's be real: kind of a lame plot. But, you know, if you're bored and there's nothing else around, give it a go. You won't hate it. 

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